Our Leadership Team

Ministry Staff

Lead Pastor: Pastor Kevin Furtney

Kevin is married to the love of his life Elizabeth and between them they have 6 very active and energetic children. Here is a bit about Kevin in his own words:

Yes before you ask, I did say 6 and yes we are a bit crazy!

I love to teach and preach God’s Word in truth and with passion and conviction and I firmly believe God’s Word needs to be the instruction manual for life. The church is the hope of the world and needs to be the place where spirituality gains traction and momentum with a safe and loving environment for all shapes, colours, backgrounds and ages. We trust First Baptist Church is a place you might call your church home as you seek learn who God is; to worship God in truth; connect with other believers Sunday mornings and during the week at community groups and have a safe and welcoming environment for your family.

My favourite Sports teams are: The Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors.

My Favourite thing to do: I love to enjoy life. Life is made to be lived to its fullest. So campouts and fishing and hunting and playing hockey and baseball and going on walks and hikes and runs and canoeing and snowmobiling and whatever else keeps me active with my family and friends is a life well lived in my book.

My Favourite movies: Super hero or action packed movies including but not limited to Marvel Super Heroes and of course anything Star Wars!

My Favourite food: I love see food…what I see I eat, but outside of that surf and turf, sushi and pretty much any pie are my top three favourite foods.

Youth Pastor: Pastor Aaron Bouchard

Aaron grew up in Timmins. In fact, First Baptist Church has been home for him since childhood. Early in his life, Aaron asked Jesus to be his Saviour but it wasn't until his teen years that he got serious about his walk with the Lord.

After leaving Timmins, he went to Heritage Bible College in Cambridge, Ontario and is completing a B.R.E. (Bachelor of Christian Education) from that school.

Aaron is interested in music and camping ministry. He served as a counselor and lifeguard at Northland Bible Camp for two summers.

Aaron is passionate about youth ministry and growing God's Kingdom. He served at First B during the summer of 2010 as youth director and in May 2011, he officially became First B's Youth Pastor. Aaron married Sara in the summer of 2013.

Office & Facilities Staff

Administrator: Kelly Trahan

Building Care: Richard Moore

Lay Pastors/Elders

Pastor Doug Arnold

Pastor Scott Lockhart

Pastor Tony Linton

Oversight Team

Chairperson: Kristen McNulty

Ray Leveille

Mark Jones

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